Windshield Screen

Windshield Screen

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White mesh screen, conforms to the windshield, passenger, and driver windows. The screen attaches to the door jams. The windshield screen will keep the cab cool by reflecting heat. The mesh design will provide light throughout the van. 

*Photo is of a Ford van. Sprinter van would look similar. 

3.50 LBS
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    Works great

    Posted by Jack Daniel on 25th Jun 2020

    Fits well, lets light and air in, but provides privacy and dramatically reduces heat. Be aware that you can see in some if it is lighter inside than out.

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    It's Great

    Posted by Jeff and Janna on 30th Jan 2018

    We thought some of you might be interested in this topic so we want to share our experience with our new SMB mesh windshield and cab window cover. In short, it’s great! We’re very happy with it both in terms of its effectiveness and construction quality. We’ve used vinyl windshield and cab window covers in the past on our prior SMB and never liked them very much. However, the perforated cover we got from SMB West for our 2014 Sprinter really works well.

    Until now, like many people, we used Reflectix panels on the inside of our windshield to try and reduce the heat entering the van through the windshield when camped in sunny climates. This greenhouse effect is challenging to try to combat even with Reflectix panels because the sun still passes through the glass and reflects off the Reflectix back into the glass making the glass super hot. This approach really wasn’t working very well because it wasn’t keeping the sun from coming through the glass in the first place.

    In an effort to combat this problem, we decided to take a chance and buy a perforated windshield and cab window cover from SMB. They are a bit pricy at about $164 but fit well and are very well made by the SMB fabric and upholstery shop. They also attach securely to the two front door edges with automotive style door edge clips. They are tailored for a snug fit so they don’t flap around in the wind and do a good job of providing insect protection on the two cab side windows so you can leave the windows down increasing the crossflow of ventilation through the cab. Also, due to the perforations in the cover, you can see out of the van through the cover while still providing a lot of privacy during the daylight.

    Best of all, drum roll please, it keeps the van much cooler than anything we’ve found so far. We just returned from 10 days camping in the Southern Arizona desert and it really did the trick. During the hottest part of the day the windshield glass only got mildly warm to the touch, not scorching hot like with the Reflectix panels. So, this product earns five solid stars with us. We highly recommend it if you might be looking for something to help keep the heat out of your van.

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    A must have addition

    Posted by Greg from AK on 12th Apr 2017

    This is the second Sportsmobile windshield cover I have purchased for my 2008 Sprinter Class B Sportsmobile. The first one after 9 years is still going strong, but when being stored in my class B it has recently begun to give off a petroleum odor. I suspect this is a normal gassing issue with age. I will continue to use it for long term Arizona storage, as I always have, and use the new one will as my travel cover. Fits great, durable and lets the right amount of light through.

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    Keep cool

    Posted by Hans Weibel on 20th Nov 2011

    A must for anyone camping out in the open countryside and sun. At the same time gives privacy. Also works as fly screens with windows open and allows for circulation.

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