Terrawagen Sprinter 4x4 Big Fender Flare Kit

Terrawagen Sprinter 4x4 Big Fender Flare Kit

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It's finally here! Our Sprinter 4x4 fender flare kit. Designed for the 4x4, but will fit any Sprinter from 2014 to 2018. Fits both the 144" & 170"  Adds 30mm of width to the front and 10mm to the rear ( due to the slider door ). 

No body cutting required hardware and instructions included. The kit is made from tough TPO plastic, also the entire kit is made by us here in the USA! 

What size tire will fit?  That's really up to you, but we can safely say that on a stock height 4x4 Sprinter, we can run a 285-75-16 BFG AT.  A slight amount of trimming was required, but it does work.  A safe size would be the 265-75-16, plenty of space and zero rubbing.

Any special tools required?  Hopefully most of you have a powered drill, some good drill bits and basic hand tools.  A T25 torx bit screw driver is also needed.

Do I need to buy anything for the install?  Nope, all the hardware you're going to need is included. Some hardware is reused.

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