Sportsmobile Bug Netting - Side Doors - Sprinter/Promaster

Sportsmobile Bug Netting - Side Doors - Sprinter/Promaster

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Our bug netting is designed to keep the pests out. It is a great addition to any van and allows for easy in/out access through zippers on the entry side. 

The netting attaches to the van with Velcro that is installed in the sliding door weatherstripping. The screen can stay in place when the door is closed. It can also be removed and easily folded and stored when not in use. 

The photo shows a Low Roof Van, but the item would look similar for a High Roof Van. 

*Works with Sprinter Vans from 2007-Present.

Usually ships within a week
3.00 LBS
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Sportsmobile started in 1961 in El Paso, TX and then later relocated to Huntington, IN. It has since expanded to Austin, TX, Fresno, CA, and Reno, NV. We have been specializing in the conversion of camper vans for five decades now.

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