Penthouse Top Rubber Gasket Kit

Penthouse Top Rubber Gasket Kit

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The Penthouse Top Rubber Gasket protects the paint on the van when the top is down. The gasket comes with rivots to assist in mounting it to the top. This is the standard trim for all Penthouse pop tops through 2015.

Comes with 100 gasket clips.


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    Tools required

    Posted by ron bitzer on 12th Apr 2017

    The kit does not provide instructions or recommended tools but installation is intuitive but a little tedious. Start from the back middle and work your way around the penthouse. Attach the gasket and seat it firmly against the penthouse. Mark the existing hole location with a nail or marker. Use a leather punch to make even holes. Uniform holes will help prevent tearing. Punch the pins in with a soft mallet and trim the backs to prevent scuffing the canvas.

    These tools will make installing the gasket easier.
    1) Leather punch. I used the 4mm punch to make the holes. Amazon link.
    2) Soft mallet. Pushing the pins in is difficult by hand. A mallet will make it much easier. Amazon link
    3) Diagonal cutter. The pins should be cut back after installing in order to prevent scuffing. Amazon link

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    rubber gasket for penthouse does not have holes for mounting

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Aug 2016

    Should have holes in gasket for easy installation.

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    Penthouse rubber gasket

    Posted by Richard on 17th Apr 2014

    I've received the Penthouse rubber gasket and it looks fine. Unfortunately for me there were no instructions nor suggestions as to how to mount it. It would be useful to know what experienced folks suggest for measuring the holes, marking them in some way and what tool they recommend for poking the holes.

    While the gasket itself may well be five stars, the lack of any semblance of instruction is one star. Average numerically then is three stars.

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