Fiamma Awning - Sprinter - 10ft

Fiamma Awning - Sprinter - 10ft

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The Fiamma F65S is used on all of our Sportsmobiles. It is a 10 foot awning made to fit the 144" WB High Roof Sprinters.

It is the only motorhome awning that is fast, user-friendly and silent during opening, closing and while travelling.

This user friendly awning can be easily operated with just one person.

The awning needs the Sprinter High Roof Awning Brackets to be mounted on a High Roof Sprinter 2007 - Present.  Your Sprinter must have the factory roof rails to install the awning!

This product may not be Picked Up at Sportsmobile Nevada.

78.00 LBS
$250.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

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